Mail Server Experts

We offer high quality and value for money solutions in the area of mail server design, implementation and management of all varieties of mail servers. Our professionals are highly experienced in all major mail clients and we have the expertise to identify the needs of your business, design the mail servers and deploy them, no matter what the size of your business is. Our experience range from  single server based systems for small organizations to huge load balanced enterprise level multi-server systems for large organizations. We offer services across the entire spectrum of mail server management including package selection, deployment, change management, post deployment support, ongoing trouble shooting and management of all leading e-mail server packages.

Our team is also experienced in configuring and customizing anti-spam and anti-virus solutions on your email servers. We would understand your business and configure the rule base to block spam and make sure that the relevant mails are not filtered out.

Our specific solutions in the area include:

  • E-mail Server and Network Administration

  • Anti-spam and Anti-Virus Integration

  • E-mail Application Support and Management

We have experience in both Windows as well as Unix e-mail server packages and we can offer you 24/7 support and management of your mail servers.

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