Backup Setup & Management

In today’s business environment, data protection is a key element of business success. If the backup setup and management is not carried out by professionals, chances are high that your data loss can prove to be very costly. It can even result in litigation and potential losses. Remember that data is one of the most critical assets of your business and recreating lost data can not only be time consuming, but also extremely costly.

We have a professional team of experts who can help your business in all aspects of backup setup and management. Our state of the art and reliable solutions will offer you the much needed comfort in terms of data retention and recovery in the event of a disaster. Our comprehensive range of solutions  shall help small businesses as well as large enterprises in protecting their business data.

Our data backup and management services make use of world class solutions and the latest technology to help you have a well designed backup policy and process in place. We will identify all the critical data points in your organization, whether it be individual files, databases or application data. We will also identify the backup frequency and the backup media that is ideal for your business. We also help you in remote backups and our services include comprehensive backup management, thus taking away the responsibility of backup and retention from your shoulders.

Some of our key services include:

  1. Data backup policy definition

  2. Infrastructure setup, installation and configuration of backup

  3. Ongoing backup management

  4. 24/7 monitoring of backup process

  5. Alert response mechanism and data recovery assistance

We can offer recovery services which shall commence within a few minutes of alerting us about a disaster. This allows you to get back on your feet and resume business as normal even after a disaster.

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