Terms & Conditions

All customers agree to be bound by terms and conditions of service set forth below upon usage of any services offered by Tech Clinic Ltd and its associate partners as defined herein.

1. Customer shall back up all data stored in the product/s (even if Data Recovery Service is purchased);
IMPORTANT: You are responsible for ensuring that all data and information on your computer or other hardware is saved and appropriately backed up before we access your system. We will not be responsible for any loss of data, information or records;
and remove any removable media, such as diskettes, CDs, DVDs or PC Cards before returning / submitting the products for repair or replacement.

2. Tech Clinic does not accept any liability for data or software which is lost, corrupted, deleted or altered during repair. Customer accepts full responsibility for their software and data and Tech Clinic LTD are not required to advise or remind customer of appropriate backup and other procedures.

3. Tech Clinic will not be liable for any damage caused to equipment by due to repairs carried out.

4. Tech Clinic does not accept responsibility for any damage resulting from viruses or other malicious pieces of software that may have been transmitted during servicing or escaped detection.

5. Tech Clinic have permission from the customer to replace assemblies or components with devices of similar, or better, design and capability.

6. The customer understands and accepts that some applications may no longer work properly after a repair, due to the installation of different hardware or drivers. It is the customer’s responsibility to reconfigure or reinstall any such applications.

7. Tech Clinic have permission from the customer to carry out the work on the equipment in need of repair.

8. Warranty is only offered on physical hardware. 12 months on brand new equipment, 3 months for used and no warranty on software support.

9. Tech Clinic may withhold or cancel any deliveries under the contract of sale and recover all losses resulting from the buyer fails to make a payment on the due date or fails to collect with 90days of receipt.

10. Tech Clinic shall install a small program on the clients PC to help remind them of the next service due date. The programs function is only to remind of a service and has no other function. If you wish not to have this installed, please ask a member of staff. The application is build on .Net on Microsoft Windows based computers and can be uninstalled. The application is called ‘Service manager’

11. Free collection and Drop is offered only by the management’s discretion and can be refused. Tech Clinic LTD does not guarantee this service as it is classed as complimentary.

Tech Clinic reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time.