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Sky Channel 828

Ummah Channel is like no other media organisation. Over the last year we have seen how it has been able to produce creativity, diversity and innovation in programmes which has gone on to gain a world wide following and global recognition. My vision has been to spread the message of love, peace and harmony and to unite humanity. The very name ‘Ummah’ means ‘Community’ and I aspire to unite us all regardless of differences in religion and culture. The underlying ethos behind the Channel has always been Sufism, promoting the notion of tolerance in an effort to try to abandon the stigma which has attached itself fiercely to Islam.

From the very moment I thought of the concept I wanted Ummah Channel to be a ‘New Dimension of Islamic Television’. Now, 12 months on, we are able to see just how much of my vision has been realised. Ummah Channel is now recognised by all generations as an Educational Institute. It has gained respect for being able to bring communities together and teach acceptance of differences.

All our programmes are produced in house with an extensive highly skilled team working around the clock to get shows out to you the moment they are created. We only produce programmes we know our viewers want to see and unearth stories which have been kept away from the people. We are working to shape the channel into becoming a household brand and our commitment remains to our viewers. We are determined to continue bringing programmes suited for every type of viewer in a variety of languages. Our programmes will remain free to view without any subscription charges. We will continue to attract a growing viewership and increase our broadcasting areas.

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