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Microsoft Certified Engineers that is passionate about technology and we believe in helping businesses utilize IT to improve the way they  run.

We provide end to end IT support to companies of all sizes. Our services range from developing customized solutions for your business to installation of IT systems to backup facilities.

While we do not claim to ‘know it all’, you will definitely not find another company which takes their role as seriously as we do, when it comes to the transformational power of IT solutions and making sure that you get the IT solutions that best fits your business needs.

There are several problems associated with choosing a less than world class solution for your IT needs. Often, when problems arise in IT systems, organizations opt for quick fix solutions, instead of looking at the larger picture. While an organization running on outdated technology may keep thinking about how they can do things better if they make use of the latest technology, seldom do they actually act on that feeling and use technology to transform the way they run the business. This is what we guarantee to help you with – to make use of cutting edge technology to completely transform your business and improve efficiencies.

You can reach out to us at Tech Clinic at any time to address any of your questions about whether you are making the best possible use of IT in your organization. We will look after your IT needs in such a way that you will be able to focus better on your core business. Our experts are dedicated to helping your business and will go the extra mile to identify what is best suited for your specific needs. Our team will also make sure that we communicate to you in such a way that you will not be overwhelmed by technical jargons or hard to understand concepts. We are friendly, helpful and professional – and we believe in being the best.

IT Support Services, Network Administration & Computer Engineers are offered throughout the Northwest including Blackburn, Bolton, Preston.

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We have been in the IT industry as an Engineer & Trainer for over 18 years with a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the computing world. Any IT work that is done is always done to perfection and nothing less.